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The Role of 200mm Manufacturing in Enabling a $1 Trillion Semiconductor Industry Continued from page 11 Material Matters Materials play a critical role in the semiconductor

present new challenges. Regardless, power electronics are on a strong growth surge – Yole Group predicts that the market will reach $33.3 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 8.1%. Strategic Contributors in 200mm Manufacturing and Beyond Companies like Plasma-Therm that have consistently focused on sub-200mm manufacturing are well positioned against the current technological and geopolitical backdrop. While those in the 300mm space are thinking about 200mm, we have built our business by centering it around 200mm and below. Rather than dabbling in SiC to take advantage of the power trend or as a means of downshifting to 200mm, we have strategically targeted this sector from the beginning. We’re making strategic contributions to elevating the visibility of 200mm manufacturing and below as its role in helping drive the semiconductor industry toward that $1 trillion market continues to gain momentum. 7. NXP. "How Zonal E/E Architectures with Ethernet are Enabling Software-Defined Vehicles." NXP, blog/how-zonal-e-e-architectures-with-ethernet-are-enabling-soft- ware-defined-vehicles:BL-HOW-ZONAL-EE-ARCHITECTURES. 8. WikiChip. "Tesla (Car Company)/FSD Chip." WikiChip, https://en.wi- 9. Mobileye. "EyeQ Chip." Mobileye, nology/eyeq-chip/. 10. Ziadeh, Bassam. “Driving Adoption of Advanced IC Packaging in Automotive Applications.” Presentation at IMAPS DPC, March 2023. General Motors, Fountain Hills AZ, March 16, 2023. 11. K Matthias Jung and Norbert Wehn. "Driving Against the Memory Wall: The Role of Memory for Autonomous Driving." Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany, and Microelectronic Systems Design Research Group, University of Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Ger- many. Kluedo, 12. Micron. "Cinco de Play: Memory – Is That Critical to Autonomous Driving?" Micron, ber/cinco-play-memory-is-that-critical-to-autonomous-driving. 13. McKinsey & Company. "Advanced Chip Packaging: How Manu- facturers Can Play to Win." McKinsey & Company, https://www. chip-packaging-how-manufacturers-can-play-to-win.

industry and can significantly impact its ability to reach a $1 trillion valuation. As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important in electronic devices and data centers, materials that reduce power consumption are vital. SiC and GaN both help to improve energy efficiency and reduce heat generation. In addition to compound semiconductors, materials like high-k dielectrics are essential for achieving smaller transistor sizes and higher performance. Whereas 300mm manufacturing is defined by geometry, 200mm and below is defined by materials innovation. Our focus is not on 7nm/5nm line widths but on, for example, obtaining SiC wafers with low defects. Implementing metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and stacking materials to obtain the best performance are key material challenges that we look at in the non-300mm arena. GaN as the next alternative for power devices has not yet ramped up, but transitioning from silicon and SiC to volume GaN production will Driving Into the Future Continued from page 21 Sources 1. NXP. "NXP Selects TSMC 5nm Process for Next-Generation High-Performance Automotive Platform." NXP, https://www.nxp. com/company/about-nxp/nxp-selects-tsmc-5nm-process-for-next- generation-high-performance-automotive-platform:NW-TSMC- 5NM-HIGH-PERFORMANCE. 2. Mobileye. "Mobileye at CES 2022." Mobileye, https://www.mobileye. com/news/mobileye-ces-2022-tech-news/. 3. Business Wire. "TSMC Showcases New Technology Developments at 2023 Technology Symposium." Business Wire, https://www. cases-New-Technology-Developments-at-2023-Technology-Sym- posium. 4. Swaminathan, Raja. “Advanced Packaging: Enabling Moore’s Law’s Next Frontier Through Heterogeneous Integration.” HotChips33, Hot%20Chips%20AMD%20Advanced%20Packaging%20Swamina- than%20Final%20%2020210820.pdf 5. SemiAnalysis. "Advanced Packaging Part 1" SemiAnalysis, https:// ed?utm_medium=reader2. 6. McKinsey & Company. "Getting Ready for Next-Generation EE Architecture with Zonal Compute." McKinsey & Company, https:// ting-ready-for-next-generation-ee-architecture-with-zonal-compute.

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