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Navigating the World of Semiconductors: My Journey at Megatech By Erwan Amade The semiconductor industry lies at the heart of almost every Semiconductor Industry Marketing and Communications: Learning by Doing In this 2024 issue of the 3D InCites Yearbook, we continue our tradition of featuring essays written by interns in the field. This year, we have contributions from two recent graduates who are exploring careers in semiconductor marketing and communications.

Learning About Strategic Semiconductor Communication: My Internship at Kiterocket By Mindy Lok, Kiterocket

Throughout my internship, I became more confident in my ability to produce valuable deliverables such as media lists, event lists, quarterly reports, media briefing books, weekly meeting agendas and recaps, social media posts and graphics, email newsletters, blog posts, and more. During my first week as an intern, I wrote a blog post for a client focused on encouraging people to join their company. I enjoyed the experience as I had never written a blog for a client before and was able to write creatively on an unfamiliar topic. Additionally, creating social media posts and graphics for different clients was also a great learning experience as I was able to craft posts that aligned with the unique brand image and messaging of different companies. Another memorable project I worked on was creating a trade show opportunities list from scratch for a client that helps innovative startup companies grow their businesses. To do this, I researched trade shows and conferences taking place

I am passionate about the emerging and leading technology shaping the world. After accepting an internship at Kiterocket, a global PR and marketing agency, I quickly delved into learning about the technical and complex world of semiconductors. This internship allowed me to grow the skills necessary to excel in an agency that supports clients focused on creating innovative technology. It was exciting to research the key players and competitors in this industry and learn about the advanced terminology and jargon often used in various forms of strategic communication. I also watched in-depth training videos on the important facets and processes that many of the agency’s clients are responsible for in the industry. I was mentored by some of the brightest veterans and peers in public relations, digital marketing, technical writing, brand strategy, and account management. Working with team members in a collaborative and creative work environment inspired me to become a more well- rounded communications specialist.

me closer to a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Following the bustle of the exhibition, I delved into the digital realm, revitalizing Megatech’s presence on LinkedIn and YouTube. Analysis, planning, and content creation became my daily companions. I discovered the power of digital storytelling and the significance of a professional platform like LinkedIn for a company’s growth. Beyond tasks and projects, it was Megatech’s culture that resonated most with me. The sense that my work mattered, that my voice played a role in decision-making, allowed for my professional flourishing. Product training sessions, daily interactions with industry professionals, and the freedom to explore deepened my passion for the semiconductor realm. Final Thoughts experience. Not only did it equip me with skills and technical knowledge, but it also ignited my inspiration to continue down this path. To anyone aspiring to progress in the world of semiconductors, I would say this: dive in without hesitation. It’s a Looking back, I recognize the transformative nature of this constantly evolving sector, with each day ushering in a wave of innovations and challenges. Immersing oneself in this field means being at the heart of technological advancements shaping our future.

semiconductor sector. When I started this placement, I knew I was about to embark on a rewarding adventure. What I hadn’t anticipated was the depth and diversity of experience that awaited me. One of the most significant tasks entrusted to me was the entire management of our presence at the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference 2023 in Cambridge. This was a new event for Megatech. Beyond mere logistics, my role provided a deep dive into the semiconductor industry. The scientific aspect of this endeavor mainly revolved around product selection, leading me to deepen my knowledge through training sessions guided by experts in the field. This immersion granted me an insightful perspective on the intricacies and vastness of the semiconductor sector. On the commercial side, I developed a digital marketing and communication strategy. Merging my newfound

technological innovation of our time. For those looking to delve into this fascinating world, my experience might serve as a guide. My Education: Balancing Science and Commerce My journey began at the IUT Chemical and Process Engineering in Lyon, where I gained a strong foundation in chemical engineering. This base opened the door to the semiconductor universe through an internship at CEA Leti for Entegris. Wishing to blend technology with business, I continued my studies at HYBRIA, merging technical expertise with commercial strategy. My Adventure at Megatech Megatech is a UK company with 30 employees, celebrating 50 years as a recognized distributor in the

throughout the year that the client could attend or exhibit to boost the company’s brand awareness. Overall, my internship was a rewarding, positive, and welcoming learning experience. I enhanced my capabilities in public relations and digital marketing with B2B clients and better understand how to best support clients in an impactful way. Kiterocket has a knowledgeable team that is open to making the internship experience as fulfilling as possible for aspiring strategic communicators.

Thin Glass Interposers for Microelectronics and Photonics Packaging

technical knowledge with market needs, I crafted impactful campaigns to highlight our presence at the event. The exhibition itself was a whirlwind of activities. Representing Megatech, attending various conferences on the latest innovations, interacting with diverse exhibitors, and capturing leads were central to my duties. Each conversation and every handshake brought

• Alumino-borosilicate glass (e.g. Willow®, AF32®) or high purity fused silica (e.g. HPFS®)

• 100-300 mm wafers, 100 ųm – 200 ųm thickness TGV 15 ųm – 35 ųm dia via with up to 10:1 aspect ratio

• Hermetic via-fill with Cu, and interposers with 2 RDL layers front and back sides

• Delivered free standing, diced, or Viaffirm® bonded to a Si or thin glass handle for standard process equipment handling

• Customer-specific designs, patterns and alignment features

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