The 2024 3D InCites Yearbook

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an Executive Sponsor for representation and support among executive peers. Cadence fosters a purpose-driven mindset, emphasizing its employees' impact on technology, communities, and the environment. The company aligns its ESG efforts with community, environment, technology, and workforce, reflecting a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. The company participates in the Pledge 1% alliance and encourages employee involvement in charitable activities. Employees are granted 40 hours of paid volunteer time annually, contributing to a Season of Giving campaign and collaborations with organizations supporting diverse communities. Cadence's Inclusion Groups nominate organizations for donations, furthering its commitment to social impact and diversity. department, engaging closely with teams and individuals, supports career advancement. Top management ensures DEI integration by maintaining a diverse Senior Management Team, reflecting a commitment to principles in decision-making. This effort permeates the entire organization, fostering an inclusive environment for diverse perspectives and employee thriving. ERS has a robust purpose-driven mindset that is actively cultivated among employees, instilling a strong commitment to community support. The organization prioritizes local suppliers for manufacturing, contributing to the growth of the local economy. Sustainability is integral to corporate culture, with employees actively involved in reducing the environmental footprint. ERS extends its impact by sponsoring sports communities and supporting local organizations, demonstrating a collaborative approach with the city council to contribute to community growth through local recruitment.

Latinx talent. The IMPACT mentorship program allows employees to choose mentors aligned with their career goals. CEO Anirudh Devgan signed the Global Semiconductor Alliance’s Women’s Leadership CEO Pledge, showcasing a commitment to gender diversity. Cadence fosters a learning culture, with employees completing 25 hours of training annually, utilizing resources like Harvard University’s ManageMentor and LinkedIn Learning. The company also offers up to $5,000 in annual tuition reimbursement for relevant fields. Cadence prioritizes a high-performing, inclusive culture integral to the CEO's success pillars. Leadership's role is emphasized through a unique compensation incentive, tying 20% of senior leaders' bonuses to DEI and inclusion goals. Each of the eight inclusion groups has ERS electronic GmbH ERS prioritizes building an inclusive workplace culture centered on values like fairness, respect, appreciation, and belonging. The company fosters an open and safe environment, encouraging growth and empowerment. With a diverse team from 20 countries, ERS emphasizes the strength of diversity. Open discussions, valuing diverse perspectives, and ensuring every voice is heard contribute to a culture that acknowledges imperfections, values inclusivity, and is committed to continuous growth. The company prioritizes transparency and values alignment in its hiring process. Celebrating cultural festivities and bilingual communication fosters team uniqueness. Remote work during holiday visits accommodates diverse needs. Equal opportunities in career planning, emphasizing individual strengths, contribute to building a diverse, inclusive, and

Megatech Ltd. Working in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry means being at the heart of technological innovation and digital transformation. At Megatech, this dynamic is doubly stimulating. Megatech offers employees a unique and stimulating experience. As a distributor, the company provides opportunities to collaborate with diverse companies, technologies, and industry experts, keeping employees at the forefront of technological developments. Beyond distribution, Megatech engages in its product lines, allowing Moov Technologies Moov, a key player in the semiconductor equipment marketplace, is an outstanding workplace in Phoenix's thriving semiconductor hub. With offices in Tempe, AZ, Austin, TX, and Taipei, Moov has created 100+ tech jobs. The company offers enticing benefits, promotes internal Nhanced Semiconductors Nhanced Semiconductors, Inc. (NSI) is an exceptional workplace where employees actively contribute to cutting-edge science and collaborative problem- solving. The company promotes professional growth through mentorship and specialized training, offering above-average salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a generous paid time off policy. With locations in Onto Innovation Onto Innovation is an exceptional workplace, promoting employee well-being and technological innovation through core values like passion and collaboration. With over 1,500 global employees, the company emphasizes a tight-knit community of innovators, often co-locating offices with certified cleanrooms for hands- on collaboration. Employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, profit-sharing, and discounted stock options. Onto fosters a sense of importance, Plasma-Therm Plasma-Therm offers an exciting, collaborative work environment that values innovation. its competitive benefits program includes HSA/FSA contributions, 401K matches, and support for education. The company prioritizes work/life balance with hybrid positions and

employees to participate in design and manufacturing projects, fostering skill diversification. The corporate culture emphasizes constant expansion and innovation, evident in the opening of new offices in Dublin and Leipzig. This growth translates into new career opportunities and strengthens Megatech's position in the dynamic semiconductor industry. Overall, Megatech is not just a workplace; it's a platform for professional fulfillment in a cutting-edge sector of modern industry.

growth, and has earned recognition for its workplace excellence. In the community, Moov actively supports nonprofits like Feed My Children and participates in local tree-planting initiatives, showcasing its commitment to both its employees and the community.

Batavia, Illinois, Odon, Indiana, and Morrisville, North Carolina, NSI provides a rewarding work environment and supports employees' personal and professional development. The company's diverse and talented workforce is dedicated to building a culture of collaboration and contributing to the growth of the semiconductor industry.

empowering workplace. ERS appointed an Equal

Opportunities Officer in 2020 to ensure equal career opportunities and salaries, conducting regular assessments of gender and managerial quotas. A reporting mechanism for misconduct is in place, aligned with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Signing the Diversity Charter reflects a commitment to recognizing and addressing diversity positively. ERS has open communication, tailored talent development, and a dynamic personnel development concept to guide fair access. Aligned with ISO9001, structured skill development is facilitated by a qualification matrix. The HR

belonging, and value through relationship building, extensive learning programs, and internal career advancement opportunities with ethical hiring practices. As a Responsible Business Alliance member, Onto adheres to high standards, ensuring employee safety and supporting community outreach through regular volunteer opportunities via its employee-led RISE program.

generous paid time off. Our transparent culture and regular recognition make Plasma-Therm a fantastic workplace. Located in a beautiful area with sandy beaches, our headquarters is the best place to work.

ERS is proud of a having a diverse team consisting of more than 20 different nationalities.

3D InCites Yearbook



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